Visit the Shoe Tree of Middlegate, Nevada

Shoe Tree Of Middlegate, NV
Middlegate Shoe Tree

I Recently took a road trip down US-Hwy 50 in Nevada. In 1986, Life Magazine nicknamed Hwy-50, “The loneliest road in America.” The name originated from the long stretches of road without civilization.  The name was originally meant to be an insult, but today it is a famous slogan for tourist marketing. The Middlegate Shoe Tree is a unique stop on “The Loneliest Road In America.” Its a great photo opportunity and just a mile away from the famous Middlegate Station Bar. The Middlegate Station Bar is where you can try the Middlegate Monster Burger Challenge! A thousand shoes hanging from a tree doesn’t seem beautiful, but the meaning behind the shoes is. The Middlegate Shoe Tree story is too meaningful not to enjoy.

The legend states that a young newlywed couple was camping under the tree one night and got into an argument. When the woman threaten to leave, the young man tied her shoes together and threw them into the tree. The man knew this would keep the young woman from leaveing. The man decided to go blow off some steam at the famous Middlegate Station Bar, just down the road. After a couple beers and a stern talking to by the bartender, the man returned to apologize to his wife. They rekindled their love, agreed never to fight like that again and lived happily ever after.

The tree has now become a spot for travelers and locals alike to show their love for each other and make a wish by throwing their shoes in the tree. The tree is a unique stop and great photo opportunity for anyone traveling down US-Hwy 50 between Middlegate and Cold Springs, Nevada. After you throw a wish in the tree, stop at the Middlegate Station for their “Middlegate Monster Burger Challenge” and win a free shirt if you finish. The Shoe Tree is just off the hwy and has a small parking lot and sign. The tree is only a mile east of Middlegate, Nevada, which is about 50 miles east of Fallon, Nevada on US-Hwy 50.

Pack List

  • Camera
  • A Pair of Shoes
  • A Large Appetite for this adventure