Standing on the Beaches of Normandy

It was eerily quiet, as if the waves were crashing in a somber silence out of respect. The ominous, dark grey clouds, slowly rolled overhead creating a feeling of a weight on your shoulders. A soft wind and mist cut through the cold, crisp air, sending a slight chill down your spine. The scene was perfect for the emotions of sadness and death that came over me. I was standing on the beaches of Normandy.
I stood there frozen in time, starring out to sea. I wondered what drove young men, in the prime of their lives, to storm a beach infested with landmines and machine gun nests. Was it Stupidity? Was it Bravery? Was it a search for Adventure? Something inside these men made them dive into the unknown, simply for the good of others.
A strange warmth ran over my body as I thought proudly of these selfless men. Some may say these men were scared and nervous beyond imagination. Others may say they were brave and courageous. I feel both of these statements are true and work together in there own way. In order to be brave or courageous, you must conquer something you are scared or nervous about right? I thought to myself, would I have had the courage to run across this beach? Just the thought scares me half to death. Maybe I would use that to conquer my fear and find something new in life I never knew I possessed. No one can ever say for sure if they would run across this historic beach, but just to consider that sacrifice speaks volumes about your character.
I walked off the beach with a slight sadness in my heart, but with the utmost pride and respect for these men who sacrificed so much. We may never know each mans true, individual intentions, and thoughts on that fateful day, but we do know all of their actions. The action of Personal Sacrifice for the greater good of humanity, in the midst of a second World War, will be the lasting impression these men leave with us all. They truly conquered fear and created life. 
Whether you agree with war or not, you can never take away the sacrifice these men made.
Thank You to all Veterans.