Dining with the enemy, San Diegos Best Russian Food!

Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant 

Russian cuisine in San Diego

2312 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104

University Heights, North Park
(619) 298-4007

The Cold War, Putin, and the Miracle On Ice are what come to
mind when I think of Mother Russia.
I can’t help pronouncing “Mother Russia” in my best rendition of what I believe to be a deep, thick Russian accent. One thing that doesn’t involve a weird, war provoking thought about Russia, is Russian food. One dish in particular has had me hooked since I first gave it a try while traveling through Eastern Europe. This famous Russian dish, is called Borscht. I’ve been hunting down the best Borscht in every city and country that I have traveled to, seeking out Russian restaurants through Internet searches and word of mouth from the locals. Borscht is a radish based soup infused with onions, potatoes and beef. Although this soup sounds unappealing because radishes seem to taste exactly like the dirt they grow in, …. Somehow long before Russia and America had any problems, a cute little old Russian woman in a rustic, snow covered cabin prepared this perfect recipe for her family. At least that’s how I picture the first Borscht being made. This warm creamy soup, with a side of toasty bread with a garlic butter spread, is delightful.

Borscht doesn’t steal the entire show, Russian cuisine has brought together many more sensational dishes. I bet you didn’t know Beef Stroganoff originated in Russia. Stop buying 2 dollar boxes of hamburger helper and treat the family to this authentic cuisine. The final dish I will mention, but is not the last by any means is Golubtsi. Golubtsi is a fresh stewed cabbage rolled with minced spiced beef, and a creamy sauce drizzled over top. All of this great food should be washed down with a authentic Russian Pilsner and a shot of vodka to make the meal complete. Although tensions may be high on the political front, ease your own tension with an authentic feast of Russian cuisine.

So how is the Russian Cuisine in San Diego? So far the most authentic location is Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant in North Park. This restaurant is complete with fluent Russian speaking servers, authentic food and drinks, and a very unique ambiance. The restaurant offers weathered solid wooden tables, accented by cool Moulin Rouge-esque, low lighted lamps. Bring a sharpie and leave your comments about your birthday, experience, joke or quote, because you can write on the walls here. The drawings and remarks left by previous costumers not only adds to the unique ambiance, but it will have you and your friends laughing the entire meal.