Salomen SpeedCross 3 and 3 CS Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Speed Cross


Here is my review about my favorite shoe for pretty much any adventure. I’ve owned both the 3 and the 3 CS. The only difference is the 3 CS is Gortex. These shoes are top of the line and I’ve have put them to the test multiple times in every condition from cold and wet to hot and dry. Salomon only hypes them up as a trail running shoe ready for the sloppiest trails in any weather condition, but they do so much more. Running, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, skydiving, you name it, I’ve tested these shoes and they have answered the call every time. My first pair lasted nearly a year hiking the alps, fishing the sierras, hunting the swamps of Louisiana, and camping the rugged Mojave desert, (which was the end of the 3’s), daily runs, to just everyday use on city streets. When you first try them on they may feel a little weird almost like wearing cleats but once you break them in, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The rugged outer shell makes them tough against scratches or tears. The quick draw string shoelace holds tight and I’ve never had one break and I’ve probably owned over 20 pairs of Salomon’s. The cleat like bottom is great for gripping a trail while running, a wet surface or the side of a rock like I needed while hiking Angels Landing and the Narrows in Zion National Park. Although slightly expensive, you are definitely paying for quality.