Read Unbroken!

Unbroken is a Must Read!

Unbroken will definitely give you a whole new outlook on life. Nothing in life will seem difficult after you hear the turmoil Louie Zamperini endured. Follow Louie’s incredible life journey from Olympic runner in the Berlin Olympics, to his 47 days of survival at Sea after his B-24 crashed in the Pacific, then his years in a Japanese POW camp. This gripping story will hold you on the edge of your seat with every page. It seems impossible one man can with stand so much pain and heartache, yet Louie not only survives, but thrives on his misfortune. Louie ends up living a life full of adventure following his struggles, living every second of life to the fullest. This is my all time favorite book and a must read for anyone. Don’t waste your time with the movie, that doesn’t do the book any justice. I kept the review short so I didn’t give away the best parts of this incredible story.