Patagonia Men’s Simul Alpine Pants

This is Why You Need to Buy These Pants
Patagonia Men’s Simul Alpine Pants



I recently purchased a pair of Patagonia Men’s Simul Alpine Pants and put them to the test climbing Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48. These pants out performed all of my expectations. As always with any new piece of gear, I usually throw it on the second it arrives at my doorstep, to see how it fits. These pants fit perfectly squatting, lunging, jumping and even running.

The cut of the pants and stretch of the fabric allows for full range of motion. I threw on my harness, and went for a short hike. The pants didn’t bunch up awkwardly anywhere and the pockets are built to be easily accessible while wearing your harness. I wore the pants on a three day climb up Mt. Whitney, and the pants never left any chaffing, never felt to clingy or hot, and they didn’t stink after 4 days straight of hiking, climbing, and sleeping in them. The elastic bottom came in handy, acting as a boot gaiter while in shallow snow and near scree.

The pants never tore or became wet as we climbed and glissade our way through the snow and rock. All the pockets have zippers to help secure small gear. If you are looking for a solid pair of rugged, weather resistant, breathable, pants to take on the outdoors, then the Patagonia Men’s Simul Alpine Pants are a must buy for you. I highly recommend these pants. There versatility allows you to casually wear them down city streets or climbing the highest peaks.