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180 Degrees South will inspire you to chase down your dreams. Whether it is that trip you have been putting aside. An adventure you don’t think you have the courage to take on. Or, maybe you are just looking for some peace of mind. The documentary 180 Degrees South has it all. 180 Degrees South embodies adventure, living free, finding peace of mind, and critical discussions to change the destructive direction our society is headed. Jeff Johnson retraces the steps of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins’ (owners of Patagonia and The North Face) 1968 trip from California to Patagonia, Chile.

Jeff embarks on the trip of a lifetime, where he sails, surfs, hikes, and climbs his way to Patagonia. The journey takes on much more meaning than the normal adventure vacation. Jeff finds true peace of mind in his journey, but also acquires an uneasy feeling that our wild world. Jeff discovers that the beautiful world as we know it, is slipping away to corporation. Jeff, along with his buddies Keith Malloy, Makohe, and Timmy O’Neil try to find a solution to the growing problem. Together, in long discussions with Yvon and Doug they strategize ways for the world to end all the destruction. They not only discuss the problem, but they also offer alternate solutions.

The entire film is very well put together. The film will inspire you to take on that next challenge in life. Just as Yvon and Doug simply stood and went on a remarkable unplanned road trip in 1968. I challenge all of us to stand up and do something similar in our own lives. The rush of excitement and freedom is knocking at our doors. We have to have the courage open that door. Watch 180 Degrees South and plan that next adventure vacation. You will make want to get out into the wilds of the world and make a lifestyle change.