Khyber Pass is the Best Afghan Food in San Diego


Khyber Pass
523 University Ave.
Hillcrest, San Diego,CA 92111

Qabili Palau (source:google images)


When you hear of Afghanistan, I’m sure great food or five star dining isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Images of  deserts, poverty, and a country ravaged by over 30 years of war is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Well before the Russians invaded, and extreme Islamists moved in, Afghanistan was a thriving country. Although the country was still very traditional, cities like Kabul, had a very westernized, modern touch. Although times have changed drastically, and Afghanistan struggles to find stability, the one lifeline that has remained is, Afghan food. Whether in the big city, or out in the country, Afghans take pride in preparing their dishes. Dishes like Mantu, Qabili Palau, and Nann (foot bread) are just a few amazing dishes that are a must try. I’m sure you will be very cautious at first, but just give it a try and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Start of with a appetizer like Mantu, dumplings with onions, spiced minced meat, with a garlic yogurt sauce drizzled across the top. Quabli Palaw is a mouthwatering, tender lamb dish mixed with basmati rice, raisins, carrots, spices, and sauce. Soak up the left over sauce and juice with your Naan, for a delicious sweet finish. Finish the meal with traditional Afghan Chai Tea for dessert, the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

These dishes are just three great examples of Afghanistan’s proud tradition of amazing meals. Other great dishes include, Bolani, Kababs, and Torshi. I haven’t found anything on the menu I didn’t like. Go out and find a local Afghan restaurant near you, and make your own unique and delicious combination.

Mantu (