Keep Jumbo Wild

  “The evil developer coming to town to take a shit in the middle of our backyard, the woods, the wilderness.”
A quote by filmmaker Nick Waggoner, as he explains the harm developers have on our beautiful wild world. It is a story we have seen play out too many times on every continent. If there is a beautiful place in this world, man will try to tame it by paving a road, adding a parking lot and throwing in a couple Starbucks and Mcdonalds to make it feel like home! It seems these days no one wants to earn their place in the wild. People are scared to hike to the top of a slope just to ski down, paddle a canoe through a swamp just to fish a honey hole, or go camping without water and electric hookups. It feels as if the majority of people want everything handed to them these days. By acting in this manner, we are slowly letting our wild world slip away. Jumbo Wild is a pristine part of our wild world that is starting to slip away under the hand of the developers.

This powerful documentary explains a 25 year fight over a ski resort in British Columbia’s Sacred Jumbo Valley. Nick Waggoner takes you on a journey explaining both sides proposed plans for  developing the valley or leaving it pristine.  This valley deep in the Canadian wilderness has had little impact by man and Grizzles rule this part of the world.  With 19 ski resorts in the British Columbia area, will another ski resort actually boost the economy or will it just take profits from other resorts? When will we understand that some beautiful places in this world don’t need to be tamed by concrete and steel. If a man like Nolan Rad, a trapper and hunter with the best insight on the Jumbo Valley area, is saying, “NO” to this project, then maybe we should take notice. The man has been living there since 1946, “the year after the war” as he says. If he says there shouldn’t be another Disney world on top of this wild place, then maybe we should listen. Is the ski resort purely for monetary gains or are the developers truly trying to get more people into the wilds of the world? Make your own opinion and check out Jumbo Wild.