Make Your Own Homemade Blackberry Jam

Wild Blackbery Jam




Make Your Own Homemade Blackberry Jam

Step one: Buy 12, 8 oz mason jars of delicious jam at a farmers market and tell your friends you made homemade blackberry jam.  This is what the majority of my family and friends thought when I gave them homemade blackberry jam for Christmas. Just like making your own Salsa, making your own jam isn’t just for the ladies. There is nothing more rewarding and flavorful than homemade jam. Preserving those blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries from your gardens yield, or the store can be a fun experience for your family and friends. Jams can be used on more than just toast and bagels. Selling my jam and using it as gifts was probably the biggest benefit. Salsa, eggs, salads, and fruits are also great uses for your jam. It is very simple to place an 8 oz jar in a small box with a bow for a beautiful Christmas present. Mix a couple different flavored jams and some salsas in a gift basket, and your family will look at you like you’re the next Martha Stewart.

Just like anything I make at home, I encourage others to take some tips from my recipe, then make unique changes of their own. I’ve tried mixing berries, adding basil, and orange peels. etc. Just as with salsa, jam is only limited to your imagination. Try different ingredients and see what your palate likes the best. Don’t get frustrated if a batch doesn’t taste as good as you would like. Adjust some ingredients and get back at it. Soon enough you will hit that perfect batch of homemade blackberry jam you can call your own.

This is a recipe I used via Julesfood on her blog. It is the best I’ve found and the only unique change I made was to use an orange instead of a lemon. It came out great and I’ve made it my go to recipe after each spring harvest and before each Christmas.