Headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca State Park, Minnesota

The Mississippi River

Humbly standing at the start of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.  It was awe inspiring for someone who grew up  knowing the Mighty Mississippi as a mile wide, 80 foot deep River that massive ships use to traverse North and South. I was at a loss for words, as I stood gazing across the completely still Lake Itasca while the water mirrored the skies beautiful blood orange glow. Truly amazing to imagine that this wild, but now tamed river; which has been a lifeblood giving and taking from man for hundreds of years, starting as a 2 foot deep, 15 foot wide gracefully running stream. Man has loved, hated, but most of all respected, this river’s power throughout time. I stood thinking of the beautiful balance of nature as the sun set over a small, all but unknown waveless lake in Minnesota, creating one of the most famous and powerful Rivers in the world.  I feel these wild treasures in our world are what draw man into the wild in search of adventure.