Watch Dam Nation and Learn the Truth

Watch Dam Nation


This blurb isn’t so much about adventure, but protecting our wild adventures. I understand most of us are forced to live in a big city due to jobs, family, etc. Well, with all the population increase, Mother Nature is the one who suffers the most. Before you stop reading cause I sound like a hippie on a soap box, take a moment to answer these questions. Do you like adventure? Do you like to fish, camp , hike or just love the outdoors? Well if you answered yes to any of those, then watching the documentary Dam Nation is a must. Dam Nation describes the dependency of society on dams for survival. But with this we are slowly cutting off precious food sources, adventure, and our pristine wilderness as we know it. This detailed documentary is eye opening to a problem I never knew existed. No one is saying to destroy all our dams, but 75,000 dams is outrageous, especially when the majority are out of service. We need to down size and take a look at the harm humanity is doing to our precious world. Take two hours out of your day to understand and learn about this growing problem.