The 5 Senses of Camping

Camping in Zion National Park


The calm tranquility of sleeping under the stars arouses all the senses.
Wind gently pushes through the towering pine trees as they bend, softly rustling leaves and
billowing over the wood fire. 
Smoke drifts through the cool crisp air with the sweet aroma of roasted marshmallows, dark chocolate and graham crackers all encompassing.
You grip your stained and weathered coffee cup with two wool gloved hands and push the cup against your lips.
As you softly blow into the cup, the warm steam gently kisses your face and you slightly smile as you take a sip of delicious hot chocolate.
The mountains and trees are silhouetted against the deep black night sky.
The only light, a thin slice of a crescent moon and millions of stars flickering through the pines, dotting the endless heavens. 
A clear brook slowly cascades over smooth glistening river rocks and down the mountain.

The only sound as you drift off to sleep, is the howling of a wild coyote and crackling of a smoldering fire.